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A few of many fav things about being in a reationship


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This came to me at a bbq that I was at. I noticed what an awsome sunset, it really was pretty (pink. purple. and a little orange), it was the right temp out. Water of the lake was no too bad either.

. I realized how great it would have been to just be taking walk or just relaxing outside with someone. of course, I I started to realized what else I missed during summer with a love one . Late walks, outside sex, water fights, pilliow fights, going to the beach,the smell and caress of her skin and hair.

waking her in the AM w/ a kiss, palying her hair, Sending flowers with goofy notes. cooking breakfast while she gets ready for work, snuggling up next to her when it's cold and rainy outside.

I guess I am feeling lonely and been thinking about all the things that I am not going to do this summer. Somethings just have more meaning when you have someone.

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