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How was the weekend? I didn't end up making to Boston Friday night. By the time I got home and Karla and I got ready, it was just getting to late and too problematic to pull off. Oh well. Saturday night, Fester and Ede KILLED Studio 3, sorry you guys missed it, it was EPIC!!

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You didn't miss much at Avalon on Friday. Wink was very eh. Couple of wrecks, couple of good tracks, couple of bad tracks. Some orthodontist convention took the place over. More awkward white guys in buttoned-up shirts than you could even count. Very weird. Highlight of the night was me and gayvernugz dancing very awkwardly with our shirts buttoned all the way to the top, tucked way into our jeans. We were doing it like a robot.

Saturday got drunk at my house. Woo!

Yesterday I got a call from my dumbass roomate telling me that he's at the Ramada Inn in Seekonk without his car, his friends, his cellphone, his dignity. This kid gets the biggest thumbsdown of the year. I had to drive the hour+ to Seekonk, pick his half-a-suit wearing ass up, then drive him to where the reception was in Portsmouth, RI, then drive back to Boston. In exchange I get to bang his wife on his wedding night (I'm trying to breed people who do things like this out of our society).

Ended the weekend by checking out some 'deep house' at Phoenix Landing with Tom, Joslyn and teamjV. Good music, but it wasn't exactly deep... more like TEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHHH

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The fuckface had a wedding down there. He left his car at the reception, jumped in some van and headed to seekonk to sleep there with his friends. I guess everyone in his room got up early to go do something and he just assumed someone else in one of the other rooms would give him a ride, but by the time he got his act together, they were gone. So he was completely stranded 15 miles or so from his car.

I left a really good situation to go pick him up too. I am going to ask a Godfather-like favor of him someday. Do you guys need anyone whacked?

Seekonk is beautiful, I don't see why we all weren't there on Sunday.

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Originally posted by groovefire

Slept with my exgirlfriend?

nah just went to a wicked lame wedding. very trashy. went to waterworks after. bleck. i liked the lil blonde dj (liked her, not her music) until she started screaming the words to heaven to the enormous crowd of 17 people. i also got to look at my bike in my garage.

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Sorry I missed Fester :( Heard it was a good time. I ended up spending the weekend up at the lake. Kickass time - Alot of chilling out, boating, drinking games, floating around lifelessly on a foam noodle, and flying like 40 miles an hour down a steep hill on the 20'X80' slip and slide they rigged. I'm so sore and beat up but had such a good time doing it :D

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