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Kinda makes me wanna take up boxing


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Originally posted by chrismakk69

Boxing is awesome. I box 3 times a week for my cardio, instead of running or biking or whatever.

It's alot more fun, and its an awesome stress reliever.

I would love to try boxing... For the same reasons you mentioned. But there are no gyms on Staten Island that I know of that offer boxing. And I don't have time to travel out to BK or Queens for classes...

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Originally posted by t0nythelover

that didnt look anything like real boxing. do u guys mean like real boxing or like tai bo boxing in a lucille roberts? ne way from what i hear real boxing is a bitch cuz they are crazy about diet and shit, mad strict, which is a bitch cuz people dont like to diet.

That is the whole reason I want to do it... I need something to push me that much further... I need disipline... :mad:

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Before my gym closed (a week after I re-newed. Bastards!) I would box for my cardio. Not only is it an incredible workout but it's also a great stress reliever. After a week or so of hitting the heavy bag for 20-30 minutes I felt great, slept better than I had in years and started to get cut in places I'd never been cut before.

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