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CPU wizards what is: "RNATHCHK" ???

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Does anyone know what this program is?

It seems to slow down my cable connection.... I can ctrl-atl-del and "end" the program....and my bandwith seems to widen.

even if i do shut it down, it starts back up again on its own

how do i shut this one off...or, should it be left on?

please advize tech wizards

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Guest saleen351

Rnathchk RNAthChk.exe

(Real Networks) Part of Real Networks’ RealOne Player. Look up RNDAL below for our views on RealOne Player.

Recommendation :

If you decide to keep RealOne Player, and are only interested in playing streaming video and music, and little else, then configure your firewall to also block RNATHCHK from being able to access the Internet, as its sole and only purpose seems to be to pick up Real Networks "update" notifications. An alternative that also works is to rename RNATHCHK.EXE to, say, RNATHCHK.EXE.OLD and that will ensure that it does not load (disabling it with Startup Manager does not work, it still loads unless you rename the program file).

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