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Brand new pics **warning - BIG**

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Alright. I finally got some new shots of the deuce. These'll be the last pics taken with stock rims on ;) I have four new toys waiting in boxes in my room.

and so without further ado...



Mmmm... carbon fiber...


Nice ass... and carbon fiber...


Pigeons love this view. Fuckin' merciless bastards.


My Office.


The last pic with stock rims. Then they become paperweights.


okay :) i'm done. anyone else wanna post pics, go right ahead.

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thats hot!

try this stuff on your seats: www.leatherique.com

get the "rejuvinator oil" and the cleaner...

massage the rejuvinator in, and leave it there for as long as you can (if you could leave it for a day or 2 or more, thats ideal)... and then clean it off with the cleaner... your seats will look/feel brand new... its amazing shit...

a little costly, but well worth it...

oh and it doesn't leave them "slick" or anything... so you won't be sliding around in them, after...

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gracias fellas ;) Joe I'm probably going to get some Corbeau or Recaro SRD seats soon - so i dont care 'too' much about the leather.

rampage... a 1.5" drop just HAPPENS to be exactly what i'm looking for with a set of Eibach Sportlines. As soon as i get some more cash stored away, i'll see if i can snag a set.

reddog - thanks for the compliments. :)

btw - if the trunk lid looks weird, I had it popped open and didnt realize it. Stupid gap between the trunk and the taillights

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