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what am i supposed to do?

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all my girl does is go out everynight and do drugs with who knows ? and does god knows what? for these drugs...i dont kow if she sucks peoples cdicks for coke..or if she smokes it? but i am just hoping she doesnt.. what the fuck am i supposed to do? i feel helpless. i love this girl so much.. all i think about is putting a gun in my fuckin mouth and l;etting go.. please someone help me....

has anyone been through this? i cant talk to anyone because theyll just tell me to leave her.but noone understands...she is all i have to live for..

somoen please help.


Mike m,

now that i thin about it

there is proabbly on hop for her

or me

all that gets me bye is being with her.

i hate my life.

i was never happy.

i wil only be happy once this horrible dream is over.

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