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For all of you marijuana smokers.....

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DEff a Glass pipe

There just soooo much better, and they hit harder

i wanna smoke now, lol

BUT if it was me, i would roll a joint cause im a joint kinda person. i feel its more classy then sticking a pipe to your mouth n lighting it, a joint has more class to it....



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Originally posted by rudeboyyouth

.....who prefer smoking out of pipes:

Do you prefer:

a) metal

B) ceramic

c) glass

d) wood

e) other (specify)

If possible, please provide a brief explanation as to why you prefer a certain type of pipe.

Glass pipes usually..They hit better...... but I feel like a crackhead everytime I smoke out of a piece lol......I usually just smoke joints & nothing else...I hate blunts....they are grossss

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