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:: august 23 saturday :: SEAN CUSICK :: cleveland

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It shouldn’t have to be a seamless flow from start to end... Even if you’re playing for an hour and a half, I think the dance floor should feel like they’ve been a few different places. It’s fine to drop them off right where you started but in between, there should be something else going on. Unfortunately in this day and age dance floors don’t always understand that type of ethic.

I think the problem with clubbing culture is everybody goes out all the time and it’s no longer a departure. There’s no sense of a transformation... There’s no feeling of emancipation or any of that. All of it has just become this regular event of people going out all the time. I wish they’d stop and start going out less and making more of it when they do; not just partying or whatever, but trying to go out and feel that what they’re doing is in a sense, a release. It should be a transformation from your normal life and your normal character.


--Sean Cusick



plus deviant (headrush music), dan petrov (warm art), and thomar (abbasso)

all event info at: http://www.headrushmusic.com

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