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As a guy, would it bother you If..

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not if i was gettin paid...i woulndt wanna be naked, or if i was i wouldnt show my face...but thats safe...as far as your concerned they dont exist...hell i wish i could do that shit...you know how ez it is for girls to get all their college paid for by just having a camera in there room while they watch tv and do homework...thats ez money...

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... i was jk, but anyway.

i figure that most everyone has been fantasized about by a member of their own gender, and by a random stranger, and by a friend, etc.

as long as you don't find the idea of anonymous people thinking sexual thoughts about you disturbing, i don't see why the gender of the person matters. it's not like you'll know who those people are.

(unless you are making a website geared towards homosexuals in particular, and if you are doing that then i guess it means you don't have a problem with it!)

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Alot of posts revolving around "gay" topics lately Tommy....

And wideskies :laugh:

Its because my girlfrined always teases me & says that I'm girly.

She also said that whenever we go out the gays guys really seem to love me. that is all!



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