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official specs released for SLR

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Taken from WhatCar.com:

Mercedes has announced performance figures for its new £250,000 SLR McLaren supercar.

A 5.5-litre supercharged V8 engine that develops 626bhp and 575lb ft of pulling power helps the SLR sprint to 62mph in just 3.8 seconds. Top speed is provisionally put at 208mph, although Mercedes thinks the final figure will be in excess of 210mph.

Fuel economy is 19.1mpg on the official combined cycle.

The SLR was developed with the McLaren F1 team, and has a carbonfibre chassis, body and passenger safety cell. It is fitted with high-tech ceramic brake discs and a rear wing which swings upwards at high speeds to increase downforce and aid grip.


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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

not for nothing, but it looks like the wheels were photoshopped into the picture


yeah, i was noticing... i hate wheelgap, but thats looking like a PS or someones rubbing the fender...

is the pic itself real? the front looks long like a c3 vette... i never thought benz would do anything like that? thats gotta be extremely nose-heavy... steering a c3 was really a unique experience.... i would get freaked out when i got out of my eclipse and into my c3 and vice versa.... lol...

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