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~ What would you rather be doing right now ~

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Originally posted by iamme

right at this moment, i would rather be :idea:

on the beach, preferably water skiing...havent done that in a while :blank:

working, unfortunately its dead until after laborday... but other than that i wouldnt mind being on the beach, or shopping... maybe mtn biking upstate, or even going for a phatty drive up the westcoast along the shoreline with windows open, favorite mp3 cd in, and nothing but you the road and 100mph+ between the two... or maybe site seeing europe, or just even having a bbq at a friends house knockin back a few drinks...

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Originally posted by nybeauty

then come, you're always welcomed here ;) as for what i would rather do right now is have sex :hump:

Soon...very soon...I miss it too damn much :(

as for the 2nd part...when i move back, maybe I can help you out with that ;)


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...too many to list...

but the short list

-spending time with my sister and her family since they are visiting from arizona

-having really goooood, sweaty, religious sex

-listening to some tunes, while kicking back on my anti-gravity massage chair

-poolside, with a pitcher full of mojitos and some pretty ladies to look at

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