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Straightening hair

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Im a guy and i got really wavey hair so i really never grow it out cause of this. Ive heard from a friend that you can go get a chemical job to straighten it but im just curious what the deal is with it: How long it lasts, does it look alright, will i go bald from doing it alot?????

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i just went thru this!

Go to a place like CVS or wherever and pick up this stuff thats made for black women, i'm pretty sure I used one made by revlon - its called Cream Straightner or something like that.

You put in in ur hair (DONT GET IT ON UR SCALP - IT WILL BURN IT!!), leave it sit for 15 minutes and wash out with a special shampoo to neutralize whatever is in this 'cream'. After your done ur hair will be straight as hell. I just did it about 2 weeks ago, so i cant say how long its gonna last for, but the box said between 4 and 6 months.

I used to have to use tons of wax and shit to get my hair the way i wanted it, and after a few hours it would start to get all curly anyway, not i just blowdry it real quick when it get outta the shower and throw some ice spiker or whatever in it and its set till my next shower.

good luck

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