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i found this on some website just now

Cannibal rap star's murder charge gets even more bizarre

"Riot Fuel" by Eightheadz, creator of 8BM.com

It's no secret that the entertainment world knows that crime and violence is a cash cow in America. No one knows that more so than the rap music industry.

So it doesn't surprise me that in rap if you want to sell records in amounts that you can barely pronounce, let's just say it isn't a detriment to have some sort of criminal past.

Thank God, it isn't necessary to sell records yet, but doing a bid in jail or prison anywhere for any reason sure doesn't hurt.

Now it's not like jail will teach you how to write better rhymes or make beats that are more interesting but it sure does lend an air of credibility to you when you are shouting over the top a bass line that you are going to Keyser Sosa someone in response to some perceived disrespect from a rival MC.

Don't ask me why, it just does.

Many rappers feel they need the street credit that comes from a life of crime to pull it off. Personally, I think it would serve some of them well to take a lesson from Eminem. He and 50 Cent seemed to have worked out well for each other. Aligning himself with 50 Cent, Eminem seems to have given himself a voice of credibility with an audience that just wasn't feeling "Hey kids, do you like Primus? Wanna see me push nine inch nails through my eye lids". In return, Eminem gave 50 Cent the platform to sell more albums in the past two months that a human being can count without the use of a computer.

Eminem won't have to pull unloaded handguns out on talent less local rap acts that have to double as part-time professional wrestling gimmicks ever again to get street credit and 50 Cent, well, his children and his children's children's children won't ever know what it is to need anything ever again.

Well the million-dollar question is, how far will someone actually go to cultivate an image that they are a thug in order to sell records?

Almost a year ago Antron Singleton aka "Big Lurch" was found staggering naked, covered in blood on a Los Angeles street by police.

They noticed he had something funny caught in his teeth.

Eventually it turned out to be part of his girlfriend's lung.

After Lurch was arrested stumbling around outside his apartment covered in blood police found Tynisha Ysais, 21, with teeth marks on her face and on pieces of her lung, which had been torn from her chest.

A subsequent medical examination showed Lurch had human blood and flesh in his stomach.

While he waits in jail for his capital murder trial, certain pieces of disturbing evidence have surfaced.

Apparently, Big Lurch killed his girlfriend and ate part of her in an attempt to cultivate a gangsta image for himself as was encouraged by his record label "Tha Row" owned by the infamous Suge Knight.

Carolyn Stinson the mother of the girl that Lurch ate is suing Suge Knight and Tha Row in L.A. Superior Court, allegeing that Lurch was "actively courted and supplied with drugs, including PCP, by Tha Row -- despite his "extensive criminal record for violence" and song lyrics that refer to rape, murder, and cannibalism".

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

Here is a suggestion for any other aspiring gangsta rappers that grew up a sheltered Jehovah's Witnesses and now are having a difficult time masquerading as an armed and dangerous sociopath. Put those bastards that hang around you to work. Since they're on the payroll anyway why not let them be the real killers. Threaten to sic those fuckers on whatever rival MC that disrespects you. You could even hang up flyers in front of the penitentiary "Rap Artist looking for real criminals to act like they are down with me so I can be tough. Will to pay more if I can use your life experience for material on my albums." Keep your nose clean. Trust me, you can still strike fear in the hearts of men just by the company you keep, just look at Death Row records. Tupac was just a little loud mouth punk and look at all the shit he got away with saying with Suge Knight behind him.

I am not saying that people actually feared Tupac's bitch ass per se but people knew that Suge could make everything Tupac was yelling about actually happen.

Some say he did. I didn't say it. I said some people say it. Remember, I didn't say it.

Suge knight is basically to the rap world what Sauron was to middle-earth.

Just recently Suge Knight arrived uninvitingly on the closed set of 50 Cent¹s "In Da Club" video shoot with 13-15 Mexican gangbangers that looked an awful lot like those Mexicans that were standing on the steps in Training Day.

According to reports, the camera crews were horrified and justifiably so. However, 50 Cent wasn't having it. Apparently, 50 Cent stood his ground with his group G-Unit right across from Suge with a "so what's up?" expression on his face.

Suge stood there for a few minutes surrounded with his Mexican gangmemeber smoking his cigar then just turned around and left without saying a word.

Ok, 50 Cent and G Unit are officially soldiers. The hype is real. Everything was recorded by the camera crew so Suge can't try to spin it like he did shit.

Suge recently appeared on the Howard Stern show and claimed that he had fucked Snoop's mother. He also claimed that Snoop's oldest child isn't really Snoop's and that Snoop's wife has been fucked by everyone over at Death Row records. He went on and on. He even asked Howard to see if he can put together a fight between Snoop, D. Dre, 50 Cent and anyone else down at Shady/Aftermath records on one condition, he wants Howard to make it legal. He said that he would take them all on. He'd even be up for making it a pay-per-view. He said he would be willing to take on any ten of them in a wrestling ring at once.

He ended the show by placing a warning for Snoop to watch his back and shortly after, and I am talking "days", Snoops caravan was shot at while it rode under a L.A. freeway over pass. Snoop was unhurt but one of his 12 body guards was shot in the back. He is expected to recover.

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