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My gym really pisses me off!!

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i hate that shit...my gym constantly closes the locker rooms...we had our locker rooms closed for a month once ..just after we had to rotate with the ladies locker room for 2 weeks

its such shit..hot waters always out ...etc...its always somthing..and then if thats not it..there raising our rates


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It happened to my Gym once a long time ago. Everything was getting run down cause they were going Bankrupt. And changing ownership... No AC, No Water... Etc... Etc... Then one day a friend and I go for our daily workout... Bam - Lights out... No signs... Just closed.

We would up going to Ballys for there 2 week free membership. And went back to the gym when they finally changed owners and fixed shit up.

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Originally posted by daillestmattyg

I go to YMCA in Staten Island the fks who run the place put up a sign a few days ago saying there closed for a week!! a fkin week how does a gym do that i can see a day or 2 but a week its terrible anybody else's gym pull this stunt?


I used to go to the YMCA and every year around this time they would close for a week. I don't remember why but I was pretty pissed to. I would just go to my friends gym as a guest and keep using fake names so I could go more than once.

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