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Sasha Live @ Creamfields UK: full set!

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1. Chable & Bonnici - Ride [Alternative Route]

02. Disco Evangelists - De Nero (Remix ?)

03. Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden (Sasha re-edit) [Mantra Vibes]

04. Bubble Audio Workx - Two Months Off (Greek Salad Cheeky Mix) [Junior]

05. Dirty Bass - Emotional Soundscape [Dirty Blue]

06. Mogwai - U know Y (Starecase remix) [Hope]

07. Unkle - In A State (Sasha remix) [universal]

08. Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors (JXL Dub Remix) [Mute]

09. Maurice & Noble - Hoochie Koochie Man [Yoshitoshi]

10. M.A.N.D.Y - Tonight



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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

ummm...on second thought...that may not be a full tracklisting...

ok ok...i got it figured out....the last track on the set isnt sasha....its the beginning of pete tong's set

and no i dont have that set....i dont want it....he dropped dark beat...:(

and ronin....:laugh2:

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