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Thought of the day - How Can We Improve the Scene?


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I've got to admit, I've been very worried about the scene here in Boston recently. I mean, it's good in some aspects (The Kells on Tuesday, Phoenix on Wednesday is always good, and DJ Boogie da Boo holds it down on Sundays), but I think we can do more. I've talked with a lot of people, and most agree that Square One is bad for the scene. I don't want to see parties hurt the scene, like Square One has the potential to do, so I think we can improve the scene by eliminating it.

Also, what's up with all this negativity lately? You can't expect to have a thriving scene with all the bad energy flowing around Boston. So my biggest key to improving the scene is improving your attitudes (or, checking your 'tudes at the door so to speak).

How do you think we can improve the scene? What's the one thing that would best help our scene here, and what's the one thing that's hurting it the most?

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Originally posted by stymie

well for one, when people wear out tight blue t-shirts that say "loverboy" on them, they are killing the scene.

People that dont pay attention to the fact that it was Black, hurt the Setting

And people that come to snuggle, hurt it also

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Originally posted by groovefire

I think following the likes of Spain and hosting a huge city-wide tomato fight would definitely help the scene, especially if there are lots of hot Spanish chicks in tomato-soaked t-shirts.


Manny was this festival in Valencia.... When was it?

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Originally posted by xlr8ted


These girls look like they really know how to party, I wonder if I could get to know them a little better...:no: I think these girls are what's hurting clubbing, people who go to clubs, not know the music or DJ's, going just to take drugs. So JV if you ask me:no:

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