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KAZELL - DRIVEN presale @ Tower Records


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LABEL: Velocity Records / Black Label

RELEASE DATE: September 23, 2003


Hiratzka & Kazell - Venice Dawn (Audio Soul - Community acapella)

Schatrax - Mispent Years (Silicone Soul's Darkroom Dub)

De Moma De - Casa Flava (Inua Mix)

Patrick Turner and Ben Camp - High Fashion Audio Movement

Jay Tripwire - Witches Brew

Armani vs Teapot - Calling On My Roots

Aquaculture - Don't Play The Game

Ictus - The Look (Chris Lake's Dirt Breaks Remix)

Minilogue - Pixelised

Oil and Water - Floating on Top

Bjorn Mandry - Time Factor

Medway vs. Pete Gawtry - Le Fin Du Monde

Nu Breed - Basstrap

Bjorn Mandry - Orange Pub

Hiratzka & Kazell - Prime

Medoka - Planaform

Sasha - Artificial Heart

A master DJ with over 10 years experience, Kazell has taken his skills from the dancefloor and incorporated his production wizardry into his stunning debut compilation. This expansive 17-track mix includes original productions, re-edits and remixes of some of the industry's most respected producers, as well as cutting-edge underground gems.

As one of the most well known and respected DJs in Los Angeles, Kazell has spun alongside international superstars such as Sasha, John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg and Deep Dish. He has held prestigious residencies for years at the legendary Liquified events and the mega-club Spundae, as well as playing continuous gigs across North America and beyond. He was recently honored as one of the Top 5 DJ's in LA Weekly's 2002 Music Awards, in recognition of his ability to ignite the dance floor with a unique fusion of progressive, tribal, house and breakbeat. He was chosen by John Digweed for a guest spot on his prestigious Kiss FM show, as well as handpicked to be the opening DJ when John recorded his Global Underground 019 album at the historic Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles.

Driven opens on an atmospheric note with an original production by Hiratzka & Kazell entitled 'Venice Dawn.' The spoken word acappella from Audio Soul Project's 'Community' is layered over this lush instrumental to become a new mantra for electronic dance music. The ethereal melodic elements from 'Venice Dawn' continue on, adding new dimension to Schatrax's 'Mispent Years.' This three-part overlay culminates with the uplifting ethnic vocals and bumping bass of Casa Flava's 'De Moma De.'

From here Kazell shifts into a wicked tribal groove, with the dark mysterious effects and haunting vocals from Jay Tripwire's 'Witches Brew' conjuring up images of the jungle's heart of darkness. Building into Amani vs Teapot's 'Calling on My Roots,' the mix kicks into the tech house swing of Aquaculture's 'Don't Play The Game,' then smoothly transitions into Chris Lake's stunning breakbeat remix of Ictus - 'The Look.'

Moving into a slightly deeper vibe, the driving beats of Minilogue's 'Pixelised' lead us into the underwater grooves of Oil & Water's 'Floating on Top.' This exclusive studio edit uses the dubbed out vocals from 'Calling On My Roots' and 'Community,' as well as percussive elements from 'Witches Brew', finally kicking things into high gear with the introduction of the thumping bassline from Bjorn Mandry - 'Time Factor.'

The progressive vibe continues to develop with the upcoming Velocity Records / Black Label release by Hiratzka & Kazell, 'Prime,' and in the final stretch the mix features an amazing mash-up of Madoka's 'Plataforma' and Sasha's 'Artificial Heart.' Here, the arrangement is completely restructured, with the gorgeous pads and melodic bass from Madoka intertwined with the signature vocal and synth elements from Sasha. The two tracks continue to build together, climaxing with the main groove of 'Artifical Heart,' taking the listener to the electrifying peak of this brilliant mix.



"One of Los Angeles' finest DJ's" - John Digweed

"Kazell is moving with the momentum of a freight train" - Xpander.nl

"Kazell understands that magic line between inspiration and experience, and seamlessly translates the process into an organic, multi-dimensional expression of rhythm, emotion, and passion. Whereas some high-end DJ's play the crowd like a cheap whore-- eliciting screams and yelps founded on fluff, Kazell intricately explores every crevice of emotion, and intuitively crafts a divine expression from an otherwise mundane world of progressive house." - Deanna Morgan, LA

"[Kazell] is able to manipulate the energy of the music in ways most people would never understand. He is always exciting and innovative." -Kent Christian, LA (DJ/producer/artist)

"He's skilled and a well-rounded quality DJ and Producer. Definitely a mover and shaker for 2003..." -Jonathan Ojeda, SF (Spundae/Spundae Reckords/Sound AM)


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