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Yo Eggmok . . .


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fsu is always stacked with undisciplined athletes, so it's going to be a tough game . . .

we were missing 4 starters that will be back for the fsu game . . .

ok claim it now, what's your team this year before the bandwagon starts . . .

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my team? dude, i never went to undregrad here. i guess my team is Arizona State, even though I never went there, but spent lots of summers in that place when I visited family in Arizona.

oh yeah, the Univ of South Florida Bulls, but they really suck. They are independent I believe. Second season in I-A.

Arizona State SunDevils . . . still hate the fucking Buckeye's for winning that Rose Bowl a few years ago that woudlve given ASU the national title that year when they came out of nowhere.

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First I would like to say <nelson> HA HA! </nelson>. That's what you get for stealing your coach from us. I went to Georgia Tech for undergrad...and with a true freshman at QB this year, I don't expect much from them. I went to Virginia Tech for grad school, so I guess I'll be rooting for them this year. Before I went to college, my dad and I used to root for Michigan (where he went), so anytime they are in a big game, I root for them as well. So those are my teams whose bandwagon I will already be on if they are doing well. I have already heard 2 guys on ESPN pick Virginia Tech to be in the championship game...I dunno about that...

Millie, if you go to Kings Dominion, let me know...it's just a short ride down I-95 from my place!

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Originally posted by revaluation

ACC football is a fucking joke.....how damned I am to be from the Big XII and then be subject to Duke vs Clemson every godamn year and never get to see any real football.

Fucking ACC! they might as well have skirts on!

UVA's gonna rule this year. With or without Matt Schaub. Well, maybe not without him, but we still have a killer running game.

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