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3 somes


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Originally posted by sexxybabyd

Have you done it?

While you were with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or just someone you were hooking up with?

What was the outcome?

Who was the other person?

never done it, would love to. did it with my gf last week with her friend in the same room getting off, her friend is lesbo. was kinda distracting.

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by hispm

Yes I have.


Have had a 4some with me and 3 other girls. My girlfriend at the time with 2girls that we picked up at a club.

The best.


Never had a 3some...

Always wondered how that is:confused:

u are my god!

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Ive had 2 girls once. Not all i expected.

3 years ago in Cancun....3 girls giving me a little head wash at the same time. AMAZING...but no intercourse.

Gotta love those southern girls.

Though, its hard to find a GF who is cool with it, I would love to have a GF that was down with other girls joining in. i would even let her get a dude once in a while, Its only fair.

If anyone knows girls that are this open minded...let me know


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i was watchin shipmates once...and the girl was asking questoin to the guy...she goes

whats ur number one fantasy besides having a threesome with two girls?

and he goes ...thats easy ...a threesome WITH 2 GUYS!!!!

u shoulda seen her face..it was fukin hilarious:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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