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I miss you guys


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Well cleveland is Ok I guess but I miss you guys a whole lot, I gotta say I been here 3 weeks and cleveland has been good to me so far. there's shortage of the high class broads NY has to offer but I have found a few jewels in the rhienstone mess out here. I gotta say like almost every chick and every guy is ugly and ghetto it's sad it's like Im in a spread out version of the south bronx circa 1994 only ugly.... I had a shit night figure I would come on here and say hi and everything. I will be back soon I hope nice to see some new faces on the boards...

Renni I still want to fuck the shit out of you......

Z I hope you're having a better time than I am I love you sweets

Jon I miss you bro

Di- how's the boy can't wait to hang out with you and him again

Eddie- no one can dance out here it's sad...

ingrid- I love you

Cin- I hope school is well and everything I, just get out of troy we'll go some where warm when this is all over.

Mike- I hope everything is ok drop me a line let me know how things are doing..

and everyone else Much love from the Cleve .... I hope you guys are getting some good club time in for me cause there is nothing out her NOTHING ok guys and gal big hugs and have some fucking fun.....!!!


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Originally posted by djjonstephen

wassup homes..........

you gotta make it back here soon, either that or a road trip wouldnt be too far fetched


No way Im coming there there is not way in hell Im subjecting my frineds to cleveland!!!

and Renni is having my babies

Mikey !! how are you the newly weds? huh?

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