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Building Your Own DJ Booth


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Hi anyone out there have blueprint plans or know of a website that can show how to build your own dj booth for your home ?? Or buy a pre -made dj coffin ( booth ) to hold my 3 Technics 1210 MK2 Turntables Denon 2500f Dual CD Player and a Numark DM-1975 19 Inch Mixer ... Any help would be greatly appreciated ...

Wayne ( DJ WET )

Forked River , N.J.

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I think you're gonna have to make your own, or get someone to do it for you. If you only had two TT's, there are some really cool coffins available...


But it looks like you're gona have to make one yourself...or buy a few different coffins and racks to hold everything.

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Originally posted by djmattreid

i had a custom booth built for my basement. 3 tt, all on rubberbands. 3 six space rackmount spots, that are all 19inch width. and it is made out of formicka (spelt that wrong). ill get the number wher i got it from. ill respond later tonight or tomorrow

what did all that cost you?

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Originally posted by themoo


I guess none of you have heard of SOUND ENVIRONMENTS located in central jersey. This guy has built all of the professional booths in the area. Surf, Tempts etc. I'm sure he does studio and home stuff...

SOUND ENVIRONMENTS = Way too much $$$$$$

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