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US detains 2 of it's journalists

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Al-Jazeera: 2 detained by US

By Reuters, 8/30/2003

DOHA, Qatar -- The Arabic television network Al-Jazeera said US forces detained two of its journalists yesterday near the Iraqi city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, while they were interviewing witnesses about a recent blast.

Another correspondent said US soldiers "expressed their hatred of Al-Jazeera and threatened to open fire on any Al-Jazeera correspondent working in Ramadi in the future."

A defense official in Washington who asked not to be named said that two people who had identified themselves as journalists working for Al-Jazeera had been detained.

"An investigation will determine whether they were . . . legitimately covering the news," the official said.

In July, US forces arrested two Al-Jazeera crew members in the northern city of Mosul.



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Originally posted by sassa

what the hell???? and they did not state why they were detained? is this legal under international law or any type of jurisdiction??? seriously, how far will they keep pushing the borderline.....:blown:

It's pushing the envelope. Don't expect the military to abide by the rules of the geneva convention. Journalists aren't civilians to them.

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