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Why won't my lower abs flatten out?

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What's up with that? It seems that no matter how much ab work I do, my upper abs always flatten out rather nicely but my lower abs still have a little coating of fat down there... why's that happening and what can I do to get rid of it? I have access to a full gym here at school so I can do pretty much whatever workout, including weight machines and all, so suggest away! :)

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To my knowledge there is no such thing as spot training when it comes to abs... Cut out the fat/sodium/carbs and do alot of cardio. Sex is great for abs as well...

Do alot of leg lifts, twists, and side bends using the back extension machine. That is all the knowledge I can offer. I wish I can get rid of my lower stomach. But I have come to the conclusion that with the amount of beer that I drink that will never happen... :(

So I focus on everything else... :rolleyes:

And for the record... You are cute just the way you are... ;)

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