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what's your favorite lipgloss? not lip balms or clear gloss, but pigmented or at least tinted...

i've been wearing lip balm for most of the summer and i've missed wearing real lip gloss. i'm a big fan of stila lip stuff... the lip shines in peach, petal and rose, lip glaze in vanilla and lip polish in gleam.

i found a new line in sephora (well, new to me) called Lola and they have the most perfect clear red shimmer gloss called rush... it reminds me of a toned down version of Chanel glossimer in pulsar. they also have it in a mini keychain version which is a cool idea...

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i am still searching for the shiniest, non-sticky lip gloss.

everything that is super shiny is super sticky, my hair always gets stuck to my lips and the boyz i kiss think it's gross! ;)

so far, i've the best luck with Chanel's lip gloss but still a lil sticky.

these are SO damn sticky:


Urban Decay


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Originally posted by sigmagal

I like MAC Lip Laquers. They have great colors and are not as sticky as the lip glass.

plus they can go on light or heavy, showing more or less color, I love to use them over a light nude pencil..is it me or do some of them smell tasty?

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