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she's my bitch!


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well, i'm happy to say that it looks like i've finally found my soulmate...it's not really important how we met, what matters now is that we are so completely in love with each other that its the best damn feeling in the world

what i like most abt her is that she's always affectionate...unlike other women i've known, she always seems to place my happiness above her own and has on more than one occasion gone out of her way just to ensure that i was not in harms way, can u belive that? yes, my fellow clubbers, its true!

nicole is the type of lover most guys only dream about, but unfortunately never have the privilege of really knowing in their lives...she loves to take long walks by the beach with me, will hop right onto the truck with me anytime i wanna go out with her (she never complains abt "headaches" or that lame crap most women dish out these days), and gets along just fine with my buddies...no insecurities either, i can stare all i want at all the women on the street, and it wont make nicole mad at all cos she knows that at the end of the day, she's the one i'll be going back to

anyway, just so u all can get on with the business of being jealous of our love, here is her picture:

my love, nicole

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