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Clubplanet is always expanding to new areas. If you're interested in having a Clubplanet.com message board for your area, email newcity@clubplanet.com with your location and why you think we should have a new message board for that area. Also, let us know how you think you can help promote Clubplanet in your area to build traffic to the new message board.

If we agree, we'll start a new discussion forum for your area and bring the best nightlife information to everyone there!

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we have mad lounges and quality clubs.. I would be interested in being the CT coordinator for the site..


I've asked you in the past to do a Connecticut board.

Your leaving a huge part of the "NY area Club Goers" out of the loop without a board.

Just 30 minutes North of NJ is Stamford, which has 3 clubs that hold over 1000 people Legal.

I'm 45 minutes north of the GWB in South Norwalk, and will be glad to put your fliers at Voodoo Martini Lounge, and throw a big CP party up there.

If you don't make a Connecticut Board, I'm going to make funny pictures of you on here!


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All I know is that alot of the information on Orlando that you have is almost 4 or more years old, alot has changed and the info needs to be updated, dont know how to go about doing that or if you could make a forum for Orlando as well.

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I'd like to know if you would be interested in a live broadcast of your party(ies) for my soon-to-be launched internet radio station.

I'm traveling "from here to Houston" with the station's shows being mainly house, soul and classics, with varieties of others in between.

I'm including the show lineups below. I'll feature a few guest DJs and start with 10 primary show themes, with sub-genres to also be featured. All the music will be legal.

12-2a: Party Anthems Live! (assortedclub songs with various DJs hostingweekly)

2-4a: The Free Mix Project (mixshow of DJ Freedom Justiceremixes)

4-6a: Soul In The House: After Hours (mixshow of strictly underground house)

6-8a: A Morning Cup Of Soul (chilled out grooves to get the day going)

8-10a: Spintertainment Presents The Top 20 Rhythm & Soul Singles

10a-12noon: At A Classic Pitch (classic dance, disco and house)

12-2p: Rhythm & Soul: Soul Brunch (live bands orband-oriented songs)

2-4p: SITH: Feel Like Singing! (soulful house and upfront vocals)

4-6p: At A Classic Pitch: Skate Grooves (classic dance songs from the 70's & 80's)

6-8p: Rhythm & Soul Radio: Fader To Black (mixshow featuring eclectic soul & hip-hop)

8-10p: SPIN Presents Top 20 House 12” (the station's hottest 20 house thisweek)

10p-12a: A Day In The Life (repeat show; live from various nightclubs)


12-2a: 33 1/3: Mixtape Session w/Freedom Justice (coffee shop hip-hop mixshow)

2-6a: Spintertainment presents Top 40 Albums (new albums featured this week)

except Fridays (Thurs night): "A Day In The Nightlife" (2-4am) and After Hours (4-6am)

6-8a: A Morning Cup Of Soul (chilled out grooves)

8-10a: Soul In The House: Grown & Sexy Grooves (housed-up RNB & classic reconstructions)

10a-noon: Rhythm & Soul: Fader To Black (mixshow featuring eclectic soul & hip-hop)

12-2p: Midday Mix (mixshow of the hottest house and club songs)

2-4p: At A Classic Pitch (various themes daily; focus on classics)

4-6p: Rhythm&Soul Radio(new RNB andupfront soulsongs)

6-8p: TRAVELING MUSIC (various club styled tracks with special event commentary)

8-10p: Rhythm & Soul: The Afterwork Mixshow

10p-12mid: Global Groove Session (mixshow featuring new club songs from all over)

except Thursday and Friday nights: "A Day In The The Nightlife" (10pm-12am)


12mid-2a (FRIDAY NIGHTS): Party Anthems Live! (live broadcast from various nightclubs)

2-4a (LATE NIGHT FRIDAYS): A Day In The Nightlife: Prime Time (live from various clubs)

4-6a: Soul In The House: After Hours (mixshow featuring various club DJs)

6-8a: A Morning Cup Of Soul (chilled out grooves)

8-10a: Traveling Music (highlights of past week's shows)

10a-12noon: Rhythm & Soul Radio: Fader To Black (mixshow w/eclectic soul and hip-hop)

12-2p: Midday Mix (mixshow of the hottest house and club songs)

2-4p: At A Classic Pitch: The Hustle Convention (mixshow of disco classics)

4-6p: Rhythm & Soul Radio (new RNB and upfront soul songs)

6-8p: Soul In The House: Grown & Sexy Grooves (housed-up RNB & classics remixed)

8-10p: 33 1/3: Mixtape Session Live (guest DJ spins hip-hop live at various locations)

10p-12mid: A Day In The Nightlife (club personalities host live from various nightclubs)

Thanks and talk to you soon!



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I second the CT forum thought and can certainly help you pull that together if needed. The affluant CT crowds are eager for more. (see flyer at bottom)

I work with one of your Vegas affiliates and have a house in CT as well. I am the moderator for the Palms Hotel boards in Vegas (Rain, ghostbar, etc) and have numerous other ventures online. I have recently been asked to work for MTV and AOL's Weblogs regarding Vegas events. I think it is time to bring my professionalism to CT.

Feel free to touch base. Below is an upcoming event in CT:

Vegas Party featuring Donald Glaude of ICE LAS VEGAS : FEB 18!





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Dave: You've heard me say this before, and I'll say it again:


There is a strong community here in the New American City, and as a ten-year veteran clubkid, I want everyone to know about it. Especially the thousands of Manhattanites who read and use ClubPlanet each & every week. (quit laughing, will you?!)

I'll be more than happy to provide a list of our Downtown nightclubs for

your records, and I actually just started a new thread under Clubbing In

Other Areas, entitled "CHUNK!", a special night here featuring George

Acosta, Baby Anne, Dieselboy and Filo & Peri, all on 28 July at Metropolis

Cleveland. You and the staff should come see for yourself--please contact lead promoter Michael Mellon at michael@trunightlife.com.

Looking forward to the Cleveland board.

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there needs to be a board for texas or even houston texas. Houston is the 4th largets city in the us, and we are always pushing the envelope on partys and things of that nature. i know about all the hot events down here because as a promoter we stay in the know on other promoters events. houston always has big events with tons of celebs, i have yet to throw a party or even goto a party and a celeb from either out of town or even from houston wasnt there.

i would love to do a clubplanet.com launch party here in houston texas, and even start a clubplanet.com tour...


Chris P Events

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