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Tini's weekend review


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Hey guys! I'm back :D

I couldn't have asked for a better Labor Day weekend! Warning this is gonna be a LONG post! lol

Wednesday night I headed up to NYC. When I arrived, Ad wasn't home so I met her at a loft party. I had no idea who's party it was but I just showed up with all my bags in tow. Turned out it was a party thrown by Pras... you know... Ghetto superstar.. that is what you are? LOL I didn't see him though.

After that I headed to Sullivan room where I met up with Teriaki, Crank, teklord, shadowchaser, buster, amanda & jessie from buzz and a very sober Funkyfreshdc! We had to remedy ASAP! Hybrid's set was bangin'! I think it was much better than the set I heard them do at Buzz a while back. Sullivan Room is very small & narrow but I still found a little part on the floor to dance. I only stayed till 3 am because I had my friend's apt keys and I wanted to be well rested for Paul Van Dyk the next day!! :D

On to Thursday... pretty much vegged and anxiously awaited 4:00 pm so I could meet up with some friends and head over to Central Park. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect... not too hot, clear skies.... SO NICE!

We had to endure some summerstage chick go through announcments... she got boo'd. Poor girl. She was like "He's not coming on till I get through this...." Haha! PvD went on at 6 pm. He had a bit of a rough start. First track in started to skip and he got frustrated. Took him no time to recover and he had no problems after that. His set was not the best set I've heard from him but the atmosphere could not have been better! The crowd was one of the nicest crowds I've ever had the pleasure of pushing my way through ;) It was awesome to watch PvD spin and then to look over and see the NYC skyline!

The CP gig was over at 10:00 pm so we headed to the Opium Den for a little bit and then to a friend's place in Hoboken. Good times! :D

Friday morning Ad & I went shopping. We were vegging & recovering for part of the day while watching stupid reality shows on MTV. Has anyone ever seen that Newlyweds show? Anyhow we were commenting on how Nick Lachey is hot but how I prefer the other guy in 98 degrees... I think his name is Jeff... but anyway.. we later went to this bar called Prohibition on the upper West side. I wasn't going to drink (heh heh) because I had to be up at 6:00 am to leave for Boston the next morning. We get there and its hot as balls inside the bar & very sticky NY heat outside. I decide one drink wouldn't hurt.... a few drinks later the guy from 98 degrees that we had been discussing earlier walks into the bar. LOL HOW RANDOM! Next thing I know we are drinking with him and doing shots and its freakin' 4:30 am... :drunk:

So I woke up at 6:00 am still drunk... hailed a cab while teetering back & forth on the corner of the block and I was on my way!

Met up with prplhz & whatupg for some pre-PvD craziness. Some of Saturday afternoon is forever erased from my memory.... Anyhow we headed over to Avalon around 9 pm because according to the flyers PvD would go on at 10:00 pm for a 4 hour set. At 11:15 when PvD hadn't come on yet I was getting a little impatient! Anyhow, Avalon is an awesome venue! It has a killler sound system. Very crisp & clear. Of course it was hot as balls in there because it was packed way beyond capacity! PvD finally surfaced around 11:30 pm.

Musically I think his set was much better at Avalon or maybe I'm just so in love with seeing him in a packed club where the moment he takes the decks the crowd is going wild and they don't even settle down after he has said his good byes.

The floor was so packed I jumped up on a speaker and had a good view of the entire club. Ah, the life of a speaker ho' :D

Okay this is ridiculously long... so sunday, cookout... monday, headed home.

LOL okay I'm sure none of you read all of that!

When is the next party? I'm ready :D

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I'm so jealouse! sounds like a kick-ass weekend tini. cant wait to check out avalon later this month!

and while i hate to admit it, i have seen the newlyweds show, and find myself oddly addicted to it. ;)

and I used to live right by Prohibition and went there occasionally. Celebrities always seem to be hanging out there....

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Originally posted by tinybutterfli

Forgot to call when? Friday night? You said you didn't want to go out.

No I said give me a call and let me know what you're doing and I would hopefully make it out if just for a drink or two before your alls evening got started. ;)

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Originally posted by sauvee88

No I said give me a call and let me know what you're doing and I would hopefully make it out if just for a drink or two before your alls evening got started. ;)

we went to Prohibition and then to two other places I couldn't find again if my life depended on it! :laugh:

No pre-drinking. Just straight there. I don't even recall having dinner.... oy! :drunk:

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