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back to school


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Originally posted by Codica3

Back to school sucks. I start today as well.

The big question of the day is: go to the bars and spend my money tonite or go to the bookstore and buy my books.


fuck i forgot all about the books...

its like, im at work now...

33 and madison... then i got to go home and get my car, and im off to school...

8-5 work 6:15-10:30 school.

then hopefully i can squeeze some cardio in there... my fat ass...

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Originally posted by iamme

never was a big fan of the Ramen..

Hot Pockets however :drool:

That shit is the bomb...flakey crust :drool: melted cheese :drool: chopped pepperoni :drool: sweet sweet calories :drool:

good choice but i am going on college money= 10 packs of ramen for $1.00 and 8 packs of kool aid for $1.00...:D u cant go wrong

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Originally posted by iamme

alot more people than i thought from this board are actually in school........

What year is everyone? undergrads? any grads? law students? MBA's?

2nd semester...

I believe it counts as my first though because I fcked up MAJORLY last semester....

But yea I'm a lil froshie... :cool:

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