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Back2Skool Party w/TASTY PRAVDA


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- 9/5/03 Pravda Fridays resident TASTY will be spinnin a 4 hour set to welcome back all the college students to the city

Also we would like to welcome DJ CHRIS PROFENNA to Pravda Fridays...he will be spinning HIP-HOP in the front room !!!

This also marks the beginning of INDISTRIE...a new promotional company headed by Rachel and Jeremy....so say bye to GLOFridays and hello to Indistrie..check out the website www.indistrie.com

This EVENT will be sponsored by STOLI VODKA so come by and get some FREE DRINKS from the stoli girls!!!

email for list/tables


Thanks and see ya friday


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Originally posted by xlr8ted


You jumped on my first post, when you said mine was almost as Gay as her post.. Thank you, please play again.

Oh I'm sorry - were you serious when you posted that about her being the only rachel because i thought you were just MOCKING HER GAYNESS jerky! :laugh:

hence my post so simmer down over there! :tongue:

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Originally posted by nyis4meatheads

having to explain your posts is the worst. It's painful for everyone to read. Next time you wrongly acuse X of something g, just try writing this.

X, shut up you fucking QUEER! See, that's easy to read and it won't make others want to smack you :)

I would feel like i wasn't doing my job here if you didn't want to smack me :bootysha:

:laugh: I like how you follow that up with a smileyface though - makes you look like a whackjob sicko. You and x will be hiding under my car in a grocery store parking lot till i come out so you can smack me and lick my feet.

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