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Gyms with no showers


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Fine with me, I'd never shower with those fuckers in there. I'm always particularly disgusted by "naked old man in the locker room". I know you know what I am talking about too, every gym in the entire country has at least one of these at all times. The old guy that from the minute he gets into the locker is bare ass naked. Strips down and walked naked from his locker to the shower (no towel), then does the same thing on his way back from the shower. All wrinkly with loose skin haning everywhere. Even the young guys in really good shape have the courtesy not to do that shit, what the hell is wrong with these old fuckers?

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Never used the shower at my gym. And probably never will. I only live about 5 minutes from my gym. I would rather shower in the comfort of my own home where I have everything at arms reach.

Besides there is only 2 shower stalls at my gym. Usually taken when I am done with my workout...

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The showers in my gym are really nice and extrememly clean....but still, I never take a shower at the gym - I'm always in a rush to get home and also bc I'm way to self conscious - But also, I'd rather take a shower in my house, much more comfortable that way - everything's right there

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Originally posted by fineones

my gym is fun of those guys ..i used to work out before work so i had to deal with it..but nysc's in forest hills...there shits alwayssss effin break

the showers worked just fine today ....but the steam room was out of service..fucking gym it always somthing

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