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just got owned in front of 2 hotties at the gym


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heres how it went down

i usually hit up world gym for weights and then visit bally's across the street from me for abs+cardio cos they have a good ab machine i like that world's doesnt

anyway it so happens that often theres alot of sweet hunnies doing cardio there cos they have so many friggin machines...i picked one at the corner and within minutes was joined by these 2 really fuckable latin chix...the hotter of the 2 didnt speak a word of english...anyway they couldnt figure out how to use the machines to they asked me if i could help...gentleman that i am, i couldn't turn down an opportunity to help the damsels in distress :D

but i had had a pretty intense leg workout earlier in the day and i was just beginning to climb the 'hill' on the cardio machine and thats when it happened...it happened to my quads...god i have never felt that much pain in my whole workout experience...they completely tightened up SO DAMN MUCH that both my legs became COMPLETELY STIFF...and i couldnt move...NOT AT ALL...i had to just bend over and place my hands over my quads, to try and loosen them up, and beg them to excuse me cos it was so fuckin painful...it was funny but for the next several minutes i had to stand in that one place and endure the pain

i sumhow managed to help them out and introduce myself, hopefully they will find it amusing and will come have a threesome with me this weekend

the end.

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