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PVD @ Metropolis, Cleveland

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hey guys. i'm from nyc but i'm in school at erie pa (dreary erie, mistake by the lake). been here one month and this place totally blows, and i was devastated i couldn't make pvd at central park. i almost shat in my pants when i found out pvd is gonna be in cleveland. i've never been to cleveland but def gonna make a trip there on oct. 10th. on the website it says he's gonna be at a club called kaos? or is it metropolis? do any of you know how long his set is gonna be, and what time it starts and ends? any dress code, etc. is the club located in downtown cleveland? thanks for any info

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Erie, huh? That IS bad... You should totally come down to see PVD then! He's going to be at Metropolis. The club site says his set is going to be 2 hrs, though it doens't specify when he's going to start. The club is open from 8 to 8, however. The club is located in the West Bank of the flats. The dress code doesn't specify anything except that the theme is debauchery, so dress appro! Oh yeah, and no glow sticks or backpacks are permitted, per PVD's request. If you go to http://www.metropolis-cleveland.com/ and click on "events," you'll find more info.

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