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credit cards suck!


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Originally posted by LogiKandReasoN

People who go into debt crack me up. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. That simple. Don't come crying for a handout later and scream all 'Woe is me' because you got yourself 10G's in the hole from buying to many shoes. :rolleyes:


who's crying for a hand out?

at least I look good, dammit.

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Originally posted by eckobarbie1


Someone please tell me they're in as much debt as I am and continue to go spiraling down this deep dark black hole of rising interest rates, late fees and negative dollars in their bank account.


That's exactly why I don't have 1.....If I don't have the cash right then & there for it.....I don't own it!!!

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Im $2700 in debt but can pay it off today if i wanted to. I keep my money where it is...making money. I switch around from card to card with 0 balance transfer, no interest for 6 months, then a 12.9% fixed there after, after another 3 months (mandatory time needed for no cancelation fees) i tranfer to another card. I make the payments everymonth of $300, i watch the balance drop and i still have my money making money for me.

I only pay interest for 3 months out of the 9 so im not getting raped too bad. Should be around $1900 by the end of november, gonna pay it off in full, and jack it up again for Christmas Season. It'll be paid off again by next christmas.

A+ Credit is a nice thing. 3.9% on my car, looking for another Quad, yamaha has 1.9%. I have 2 cards...one to be used regularly (if needed) and one for emergencies.

Thats how i do it anyways. You gotta shop around for your cards. Call the people up, they will work with you and lower your interest rate, they rather make alittle less money off of you than no money at all.


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Originally posted by LogiKandReasoN

Note the : :boohoo: smiley in your first post. That sure looks like a crying guy to me.

Its all good to look good, but looking good while having to eat Cat Food and welfare block cheese 3 meals a day is kinda lame :)

could you stop making generalizations about my personal situation when you have no facts to back yourself up? i'm not eating catfood you dimwit. I'm sure some people do eat government block cheese (fuck, i ate it when i was a kid) and wear brand name logos.

I live at home. Mom still cooks for me, thank god.:)

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