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how many sticks?????


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I will never touch Xanax again. I used to take them whenever i went out drinking & would enjoy the looped out & drowsy feeling i would get as i struggled to stay awake. Sort of like G, but more intense for me.

After allot of practice, it would not be abnormal to take 6-8 1mg pills along with a ton of drinks.

Of course a close freind of mine died at studio in Atlantic city last year after doing the same thing.

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i was at lookers tonight ....had a little going away party ....drank like a fish....snortin rails till 4:30 with a few people in the parking lot... got home at around 5 .....I've eaten 3 sticks and still can't sleep

did i mention I have to catch a ride to the airport at 3:00 and I'll be stuck on a plane for 8 hours and 2 hour connecting flight...

I tthink I'm building a major tolerance to these things..........

or maybe i'm so used to not sleeping after a night a t lookers that

there's no solution to my sleep problem.....

Good thing I'll be away for at least a month.... maybe My native italain air will help me sleep........If not I can always go to the local pharmacy and buy a shitload of liquid valium ... that usually works for me...its in oral liquid form .... never seen it here in the states....

And if all else fails I can find one of those moroccon watch selling dudes and get some hash...

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