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!!! Free Booze+booty, Saturday !!!


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Don't sleep on KRUNK this Saturday. Finest hiphop & booty house, plus it's FREE with FREE DRINK PASSES BELOW!

Get KRUNK every Saturday @ South Beach

- FREE admission all night long!!!

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- $2 Rail, $2 Yeungling / Miller Light and ...

Have a FREE DRINK! Go to http://tittsworth.com/krunkindex.htm print out the coupon, write "friendster" on the back & redeem for a FREE DRINK!

Krunk Saturdays is 21+ with picture ID,

Go to website for 18+ consideration

Hours of operation: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am

Located in Bethesda, 10 minutes from DC!

!Directions, also on the website!

S A T U R D A Y , S E P T 6 t h


Matt Leedham and Chris Harvey are two very close friends who enjoy getting as Krunk as the next guy. These cats combine their birthdays into one event each year, which usually ends with all of us feeling the wrath of the Hangover lords the next day! Since moving down to VA last fall, we see them sparingly @ SoBe these days. But they're coming to celebrate with us after hearing their Hip-Hop/Booty House prayers have been answered with KRUNK on Saturdays!

Dave Nada

We proudly welcome DAVE NADA as our newest DJ resident at Krunk! His residency was inevitable, especially considering the Krunk frenzies his sets have most recently caused. Through his unique blend of hip-hop, funk and afrobeat hotness Dave keeps floors wet and bodies groovin! From his weekly downtown to his widely talented band Medic, Dave shows experience, versatility and motivation. His sets prove variety and his programming defines crowd control.


Prepare for the late night booty B-more club madness that only Tittsworth and Nada can hit you with. You loved it so we're bring it back- from Ass-N-Titties to You Big Dummy to Watch Out For the Big Girl, we're hittin' you with all the booty booty classics to get that ass in motion. Feed Titts a shot and watch him really get open!

DJ RIP1 / MC Optimst Rhymz

Having held residents & ripped mics from Florida to Canada and back, RIP1 has shown himself to be an undeniably talented MC & DJ. With a perpetual passion towards local hip-hop, he proudly holds a residency at KRUNK, an event he also co-manages and promotes. Whether behind the decks or grasping the mic, his frequent Krunk performances show experience are consistently well received. Check him every Saturday at South Beach!


please hit our forum for pics and input!


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