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Originally posted by raverbee

I did , don't like it.

The best of the research chems is 2cb. However it's harder to find 2cb then e.

2-cb isnt really a research chem... its been around for a long time and has been scheduled a long time... definetly a keeper though.

btw do a search youll find a similar post from a few weeks ago.

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Originally posted by t0nythelover

whats it like?

There's a fine like between doing the recommended dosage & over doing it, overdoing it can result in unconsciousness & convulsing, vomiting etc, etc

Supposedly this stuff is a derivative of "toad poison" (if you ever heard of certain indigenous cultures licking toads to get a "spiritual experience" or high)

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5 meo dmt isnt much. i thought its something that would actually give u visuals, but for a short period of time, ur thoughts will be very strange. Like u would feel like ur going through a wormhole or something, but u wouldnt be seeing cool visuals like acid or shrooms. i think its a waste of money, unless u take less and take maois with it, its really not worth ur money.

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