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Yo DJs and Producers: Get Heard!


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Ultra Fonic is looking for quality mixes and tracks to feature in it's weekly rotation featuring up-and-coming DJs and producers from around the nation. This is a great opportunity to expose your DJ and production skills on a national level.

And the best part? Totally free to you! No shit.

Ultra Fonic is providing this service because we feel that up-and-coming talentdeserves to be heard. Ultra Fonic's number one priority is creating and spreading truly original sounds to the greater world. We're strictly about quality, innovative, and original music!

For those individuals who are interested, please contact Ultra Fonic for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and keep up the hard work!

* Please Note: Ultra Fonic is currently focusing on music that is tech/electro/tribal/deep house, hip hop, breaks, drum and bass oriented. However, please feel free to submit anything that you choose. We're open minded to nearly every form of music, as long as it is creatively pushing music in a new direction. The key is to submit music that is truly original and fresh.


If you have any questions, please email us at: info@ultra-fonic.com

Please check out the site: www.ultra-fonic.com


Please send all Music to:

Ultra Fonic

380 W. 200 S. # 408

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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