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halloween is comin

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oo i love halloweennnnn!! it's so evillll

it reminds me of my birthday because it is 2 weeks earlier

well i was the killer from scream last year, and the year before that i was a black cat

does anyone still go trick or treating?? i do!

free candy...free candyyyyyyy

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Originally posted by linabina


loll.....i was a submissive. it was a really fun costume actually. I had one of those gag-type balls in my mouth....a mask on my face....hand cuff's and a cum rag hanging off my boobers.

that poor cum rag. Had about 5 people spill their drinks on it. I even lost it for a while, and found it on the dancefloor. Now it has something resembling tire tracks on it....

lol....but like i said, i want to be more innovative this year.... :whip2:

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