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You remind me of something

I just can’t think of what it is, uh

You remind me of my jeep (I wanna ride it)

Somethin’ like my sound (I wanna pump it, baby)

Girl, you look just like my cars (I wanna wax it)

And somethin’ like my bank account (I wanna spend it, baby)

It’s somethin’ about your love that’s got me goin’ crazy

(Baby, you know I want you real bad)

And girl, I really like your freaky style, oh, babe

(How can I be down with you)

So get a little closer to my ride, baby

(Oh, I, I wanna get to know you, lady)

And hip me up on how to get inside you

Listen, pretty baby

(I wanna roll) I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it (Yeah)

Is all I wanna do for you, baby

Girl, it’s somethin’ kinda sexy

Goin’ on about you, babe

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