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Code Reveals Mystery backers

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After weeks of mystification and deliberation we can finally reveal that

Birmingham super club GODSKITCHEN are the phenomenal force behind the ground

breaking club CODE, the biggest dance music project ever to come to Europe.

The Midland’s most prominent superclub looks set to rock the heart of the

country before going on to dominate the global clubbing market.

CODE, due to open in September in Digbeth, Birmingham, is the brainchild of

Chris Griffin and Tyrone De Savrey, who with new partner Neil Moffitt have

taken a bold step towards revolutionising the clubscene as we know it. The

auspicious venue has a unique position in this rapidly developing quarter of

the city and with such exclusivity they will be able to cater for the more

discerning clubber.

Commenting on the scoop, co-owner Chris Griffin said:

“It is definitely time to take GODSKITCHEN to the next level. We have been

based at the Sanctuary for 2 ½ years now with great success. It will be a

real luxury and ultimately a necessity to have a permanent and secure home

to stage our events. It also gives us the scope to experiment with our music

policy on Saturday and Sunday nights. Trust me this is only the beginning”

Continues over…

Millions of pounds are being invested in CODE in order to create an idyllic

clubbing environment. Embracing all aspects of the dance music scene, CODE

will reflect cutting edge, eco-friendly technologies set in an urban

landscape, creating a challenging climate. The design will reflect

contemporary thought, ideals and style, redefining the hierarchy of

innovative club life. An immense reconstruction operation is currently

underway and by September CODE will epitomise 21st Century clubbing.

Technologically, the club will exceed the standards set by current clubs in

the UK and the world. The DJ box itself will be the most technically

advanced in the world, with the DJs being able to totally customise and

configure the sound system to create exactly the sound they require. This

will be a WORLD FIRST and it is so advanced that on site technical engineer

Dave Parry explained his pioneering ideas on BBC’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’ last


Friday nights at CODE will dispense the foolproof GODSKITCHEN recipe in the

all-new, spectacular destination venue. Just a few minutes walk from current

location, The Sanctuary, clubbers can enjoy superior surroundings at the new

purpose built venue. Although it will be several weeks before details of the

resident are revealed, the list of guest DJs will be unchanged and will

still feature all the ‘big name’ GODSKITCHEN regulars.

We can also reveal that POLYSEXUAL will be the much-anticipated Sunday event

filling a much-needed regular Sunday clubbing spot in Birmingham. The music

policy will be a strong hard house flavour with an “anything goes” attitude

to clubbing. Exclusive residents for the revered Sundays will be current

leaders of their genre LISA LASHES & FERGIE.

CODE will also present a Saturday night spectacle that will offer an

eclectic selection of quality US garage and chunky house from some of the

world’s most accomplished DJs. The night will target the highest profile US

and UK DJs for regular guest spots to accompany the massive resident DJ who

is still to be announced.


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