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Song id: trance song huge in clubs back in 99

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The song was pretty big back in 1999 that's when i first heard it but it could be a few years older. It has female vocals that sounds like the same vocalist on Ascension "someone"

The lyrics go something like.. "I want to take you to a place where I......" You're in my dreams... blah blah

I know everyone has heard it even though it's a cheesy club song. Some dj's still play it every now and then.. Thanks in advance.. dan

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Originally posted by mangledx

Myndy K - Moments In Love....

its a classic.....

nothing cheesy about it.....:rolleyes:

agreed... johnny put out some great stuff back then that ultimately became commercially popular but was not cheesy at all... his hurricane remix, braingbug - rain, and moments as well as some of his way older stuff which was really housey like frankie knuckles- welcome to the real world (vicious mix) and his activator mix...

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