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I will be ROCKING, ROCKING, ROCKING, my way to London this Friday...Quick question...Whats going on Saturday night b/c as soon as I exit Heathrow, I wanna PARTY!!! I have been recently hearing that garage house is the rage out there...Which venues and on which night is it good? I will be staying out in East Hampton...I would also like to know if anything locally is going on thats cool...




...I can't see you, you can't see me! as-slow.gif ...

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what day are you leaving? next saturday it is sasha at fabric but I guess you might miss that. Actually you will probably never get to read this until you get back anyway but if you do and find yourself with email access try [email protected] and I'll see whats up, but I recommend you pick up mixmag in heathrow which has all the big club listings in! have fun


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