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Coming to London this weekend...need help!

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Coming to London this weekend Thurs through Sun, expressly for clubbing. Already set for Oakie at MOS on Fri, but could use suggestions for Thurs, Sat, and Sun. Also, any helpful tips on London club culture vs. NYC? (Dress, substances, etc...) We are additcted to Twilo here (Fridays and Saturdays), both 23 with lots of energy...

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the ministry has its moments, oakie is an arrogant cunt and fits right in there! he quit his residency at home about 6 months ago, home this saturday night has danny tenaglia which i guess may be a bit pointless if you are from new york but then again i would love to come over and see sasha at twilo so maybe youd still love it, home is quite small but can be really really fantastic! unfortuntely you are coming the wrong week, next week and you could have seen digweed at his own club bedrock but that is once a month so thursday i suggest you try home (especially if you are not going to go on saturday) just to go there, its a bit alternative but cheap and the soundsystem is amazing!

basically id suggest trying home thursday, ministry friday and home/fabric saturday. ctually i think i would go to home on friday for lawler and satoshi tomiie but if ministry is a must for you then so be it.

pm me if you want any more info!


look at www.homecorp.com www.fabriclondon.com www.ministryofsound.com

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