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Avalon / weekend review


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Ok here goes: Got down there about 11, drive by Avalon and the line is down the street and around the corner. Heads up from TeamJ that they didnt open the doors yet. So we park and hit some Irish bar that we were a tad out of place in. Drink a few and head over. The front was fucking chaos. Find Fedor and after a bit get in. People were saying they were in line for over an hour. Oh yeah they have an Avalon flag out front hanging, would be cool if the colors were not so lame.

Head in and head towards Todd's brothers table, find him have a drink then try and find the bathroom. Get settled in and get some drinks. Now to the inside, dont know how many of you were at the LL before but doesnt look the same. Infact I think it looks kinda lame, colors are just strange. The whole main room has too much white imo. Just nothing special, lets put it that way. Also you figure opening night they would decorate it cool and do some sort of stage show or some shit, but no nothing. It seemed as if the club had been open for years and it was just another regular night.

Find Teamjizz and chill for a bit, then lose him to never see him again that night.

Sound system sounded real good, lights sucked major donkey dick. Richie needs to get in there asap!!!!

Now on to the crowd. Hmmmm they sucked. I thought for a minute that the local boat club was having a fund raiser. I have never seen more guys in button down polos tucked into their kahakis before in my life. Very weird crowd, old, young, out of place, lost, weird. The vibe in the room was no were. A whole hell of a lot of standing around going on in there.

Kennedy was banging out a set, love this kid by the way. Seb walks by and I figure oh shit we be fucked now. But his set wasnt bad, at least some of the crowd was really into, so that was real good. Close to 4 now and the people are leaving in packs, look up to the balcony where the tables were and it is empty. You would talk to people and they would all say the same thing, 'music is great but this vibe sucks'.

S&P come on and had a great set, liked it a lot. But the place was just not full at all. Really considered, and not kidding, leaving and hitting the factory because the vibe blew and at least there people would be into and we had to drive back and couldnt do that yet. So we stayed till just after 6:30 and went home.

Overall sound system is good, lights suck, too many vip (half the stage was vip), crowd blew (they turned tons of people away, think the fire marshall had something to do with that because he was in there), music rocked. Def had a great time with some damn good stories that I will tell some of ya when I see you.

Do I think they will survive, hmmm hope so, but they are not gonna get any great review. I mean it is a fucking opening for crist sake, do something cool, decorate, do a weird stage show, just something!!!! Boston has been fuller and cooler on a reg night!!

Oh yeah finally met DaVe from CP. Also the kid from sopranos, asked him if his sister was here. And some player from the Nicks I think, no clue hate NBA and could give a shit. And my girl was talking to the chick from real world this season, blonde not cute.

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yeah what he said


typical opening night shit outside. not as bad as i thought it would be. mobbed, long lines, blah blah blah. not much you can do

awesome room. lots of little spots to explore and chill out in. some good areas that are out of the general public that many people didnt find. great for taking breaks or doing whatever :tongue:

the space itself is big but the room itself is small. it looks big cause its several floors, but the actual space in which to stand, and the dancefloor is pretty small.

typical opening night crowd. very very mixed. every type of person you expect and wouldnt expect in the club. lots of hot chicks dressed well.

hip hop in the back room.

$9 for jack and coke, but i was happy with the alcohol content in it.

main room had shit for a.c. v. hot in there

very lax on the dress code. got in with jeans....people dressed down. some dressed in club kid wear (d:rew) but most people were dressed on the moderate side of up.

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like you were able to scope it out :tongue:

lack of an opening night theme was a let down.

lighting was eh. use of the lighting was more eh

place would be ill with some lasers

outdoor patio was dope

sound was decent. bad spot under the booth on the floor. way too much bass. but not bad for its first night overall

typical avalon fashion opening the doors late :rolleyes:

good to check it out but i had a bad time due to the fact a group of friends could not get in as planned.

carl kennedy started off well but was way too all over the place. all i remember is planet funk rosa blue & the switch. he also played some song todd always whores out (not e samba). dont remember. left around when seb came on.

wanted to do burridge.h f but i think it will be just as a cluster fuck as this saturday.

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