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interested in WMC info in your box?

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ok, here's the deal, well part of it anyway. with the help of the ugsoundmgmt team i'm going to be sending out an email list of all the wmc parties as i find out about them. but i need some help w/ this. first, if you want to subscribe, please click the link below and go from there. some of you off this board have already been added. thank you!

now if you have some good quality inside info on a date/lineup/time/club/house/bathroom/closet/etc party, please let me know. the more people that contribute to this list the larger the list and the better it is for all of us! and remember, all you dj's and promoters, this is FREE publicity for you!! i will also keep updating my post on the wmc 2001 section of the GU board: http://pub38.ezboard.com/fglobalundergroundfrm13

now i can't promise anything, but from what i hear there will be some random free giveaways, and if we can get some cool promoters involved, maybe we could work out some reduced <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlists</A> etc. this will be a recieve only list at this time. i think we should all keep our usual fodder on here. i ran this sort of thing on the globalunderground board last year and it was VERY successful (although a bit messy w/o that handy edit button we all now take for granted). at the time it was the most viewed/replied to post on the board! so for wmc veterans or virgins, i'll do my best to keep everyone posted on wmc events here in miami! now click here.

subscribe: http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com/wmc2001.shtml

to have a party listed...or just gossip a bit:

[email protected]

or visit my sponsors in crime at: http://www.ugsoundmgmt.com http://www.cluboxed.co.uk

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