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if you like trance, please read in:

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I am a UK based trance producer trying to make an impression, and I would really like your comments/opinions on my tracks. I have made a website that has information on who I am, how I can be contacted, news and links to free downloads of my MP3's. The other reason I am doing this is to get a wide range of feedback on my track Roller [euphoric mix] as it seems to be going down a storm, but I need as much feedback and opinions as I can get as I intend to press the track to a white label and would like to make it better before I spend the money doing this. If you have the time to help me, comments can be left on the feedback board on the tracks page or emailed to me at [email protected] I promise I will reply to any comments you send me (if you don't mind!).

My website can be found here: www.optik.org.uk

if you don't want to go to the site, but would like to listen to the track, here is the link for two roller, just click on download:

roller [euphoric mix] : www.optik.org.uk/roller1.htm

thanks for your time


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I've listen to your Roller and Architecture

I will honestly say that I liked that intro beat in Architecture although you could work on it a little - timing I mean. Roller is not bad although for my taste you could hit it a little harder, it simply becomes a little to tranc'y but in general it is good. By the way what do you use to make your musik?

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