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you know life is good when....

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Baby, I've got my clothes ready and packed, the slinky tohngs and see-thru bra are on, the nails are painted, the make_up is done, the hair is drop-dead gorgeous....... so honey, come and pick me up and I will do anything you want. (ANYTHING) just give me one of those things!

Please, oh please. I want one. I know I'm begging but I haven't got any cash so this is my only chance to get a ticket. Please, I haven't worked for months. You know you love me, you know you couldn't live without me. Please Please Please.

Okay, I'm finished! smile.gif

sorry, got kinda carried away

But i hope you get the HINT??? cwm13.gif

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In view of the fact that my baby is not longer my baby. I think I will have to come crawling back and ask for one of those tickets again. You have 24 hours to comply. If you do not then I will have the locks changed and you will not be allowed back in the house. And I'll sell all your stuff too.

Besides, I need a bit of cheering up now. please?

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