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afterhours at THERAPY, RI.


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SATURDAY NIGHT (sun am) SEPT 27th:

DJ ADILSON of ROXY SATURDAYS will be spinning for ya'all...

opening set by WIL TRAHAN



9 hours of CLASSICS!!!!!!!!!!

(yes he WILL play IBIL!)

OPEN BAR (this is a VERY good thing... ) from 10pm-2am....

music by resident WIL TRAHAN all night long...

1st 200 people to show up get a therapy classics cd!!

drop me a line with any questions:



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ummm correction miss ras, wildo wants to make it a ten hour set :tongue:;) that is right, our lil friend is gonna try and rock it until about 8am, this is gonna be da bomb diggity!!!!! :eek::D:eek:

i already know about 15 people who are definites, should be an awesome time, get silly sloppy wasted and then well dance, for some people other than me, for the rest or the evening/morning :)

too bad this weekend i will be in jersey though, so have fun ras if you make it down, don't let anyone buy you drinks though, it might get you into trouble :tongue:

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Originally posted by ras67

sure kaydup...

you can totally come with me.... i have room in my car! :D

meet me at the roxy.... well ok, at abUv saturday afternoon and we can spin cd's up until roxy time... :eek:

No I am talking from Matrix on Friday on, and will you know who be there?

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you can start by posting some interesting topics on the message boards... that will keep me entertained for a short while.

i already suggested sitting outside therapy starting tomorrow but i am not so keen on that since they predict rain midweek :(

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