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June 19 or Before...

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Ok, this is probably going to sound very desperate and maybe even pathetic, and well...maybe it is. The thing is, I have always wanted to get into the Mercury. I've been a goth-boy ever since HS and have never met anyone yet with a membership. This month, I am turning 26, and I would love to get in on or before the day of my birth (the 19th!!!)

If there is anyone out there who might possibly be able to help me out? I would be eternally greatful.

Danielle...if you read this, understand I would still greatly enjoy joining your group. No offence, ok? smile.gif

If you are going before the 19, let me know

[email protected] or reply to this post!

Thanks again

The Dark One

(aka Brenton)


Blood is the Life, the Life is Forever...

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