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this Saturday night 7-8-00

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Are you asking about Planet Hollywood the restaurant that our friend Arnold "Not a Tumor" Schwartzenhagger (sp?) founded? What does this have to do with the Contour? I'm so confused. Regardless, I wanted to say that I went to One Love Wednesday at the Contour and it was totally groovy.

Good job, boys.

--Marvelgirl Danielle http://www.marvelgirl7.com

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You are barely 21 groovin kim. you have only experienced raves and the backdoor. When you can begin to appreciate Total enviornment as opposed to ONLY music you will have some credibility. The vibe kept alive by the peeps.

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have we met, spunkmeyer?

i've actually attended a variety of club

nights around the city, not just the

backdoor.. & i don't think my age dictates the validity of my experiences...

i definitely agree that the people are

a big part of the clubbing experience.. but to me, people who care about and are knowledgable about the music are far more appealing than those who are "dressed to impress" and half-heartedly wiggling slightly

so as not to spill their drink.

don't get me wrong, i dig cute grrls & boys

as much as the next... but i find enthusiasm

about music much cuter than vinyl pants

or shiny shirts.

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